Sensor MoJo

Sensor MoJo - Smart WiFi Sensing

WiFi connected sensors that have battery lifetimes of up to 1.5 years and monitor Temperature, Humidity, Vibration and Orientation. Sensor MoJo’s unique design enables minute-by-minute alarms that you receive immediately by text or email.

Battery Powered

Up to 1.5 years on two AA batteries, depending on settings.

Mobile App And Web

iPhone and Android apps enable initial sensor setup as well as monitoring and settings. Or, use the web interface for additional flexibility.

Minute-by-Minute Alarms

Receive your alarms immediately regardless of report rate settings.

30 Day Guarantee

Use Sensor MoJo for up to 30 days, and return it if you are not completely satisfied for a full refund.

Low Power Sensing Engine

Sensor MoJo’s low power sensing engine enables accurate sensing while enabling long battery lifetime.


WiFi connectivity right in the sensor means no external gateways are required – connect directly to your existing WiFi network.


It puts the MoJo into Sensor MoJo

SMARTS, or Sensor MoJo Always Running The Show, allows Sensor MoJo last a long time on only two AA batteries. WiFi is a high power protocol, and communicating over WiFi drains batters faster than anyone wants. So, the WiFi portion of Sensor MoJo is turned off for most of the time and SMARTS is in charge.

SMARTS wakes up every minute and samples all sensors and then compares them to the alarms. If an alarm is triggered, SMARTS then wakes up the power-hungry WiFi and reports the alarm. Or, if it is simply time to report data to the cloud, it reports the data.

You control how often SMARTS reports the values to the cloud via the report rate. With slower report rates, the batteries will last longer.

Minute By Minute Alarms

Text or Email as soon as something goes out of bounds

You set alarms for Temperature, Humidity, Vibration and Orientation via the Mobile app or web. But, those alarms do not stay in the cloud, every time a Sensor MoJo checks in to report its data, those alarm values are communicated to the Low Power Sensing Engine.

The Low Power Sensing Engine keeps the alarms on the Sensor MoJo device so that it can check for alarms every minute when it samples sensors. If an alarm goes off, it is reported immediately, even if it is not yet time to report data. In this way, you are notified immediately of any alarm.

Your Data Anywhere, Anytime

Your sensor's data and settings are easily accessable via App, Web or weekly digest email.

The Sensor MoJo Mobile App enables you to join sensors to your 2.4 GHz WiFi network, view data and set alarms from both iPhone and Android. With flexible plotting, you can change time scales to view the sensor information.

Easily set text or email alarms on Temperature, Humidity, Vibration and Orientation with the App, from anywhere. The next time your sensor reports data, any new settings are synchronized.

The web interface provides an alternate way to view data and change settings. Take advantage of more screen space on laptop to really examine information.

Finally, weekly digest emails summarize the data for your sensor for the past week. Receive them on any day of the week you choose, or not at all.

Data Locker

When your sensor is away from WiFi, sensor readings go into the Data Locker

Whether your WiFi goes out, or if you want to send Sensor MoJo along for the ride to track sensitive items, Data Locker stores sensor data until it can be reported via WiFi to the cloud.

Whether WiFi is out briefly, or even for an extended period, no data is lost, every minute-by-minute sensor sample is stored and then reported when WiFi comes back up.

Using Sensor MoJo to track sensitive items during transit is simple: join the sensor to WiFi, send it on its way, then when Sensor MoJo comes back into WiFi coverage, all data from the Data Locker is reported to the cloud.

How big is the locker? Up to 1.5 years of data can be stored in Sensor MoJo.

Sensor Readings To Date