Sensor MoJo One

Wifi Connected Sensor for Temperature, Humidity, Vibration and Orientation

Cloud Connected WiFi sensor monitoring Temperature, Humidity, Vibration and Orientation. Runs on 2 AA batteries and lasts for up to 1.5 years, depending on settings. Once a minute sampling and customizable alarms that trigger on a minute by minute basis. No monthly monitoring fees.

Minute By Minute Customizable Alarms

Receive Text or Email alarms as soon as what you’re monitoring goes outside of the bounds you set. Adjust those settings anytime via mobile app or web.

Monitor Home, Office, Vacation Home

Ensure comfortable temperature and humidity by monitoring your home or office. Or, keep track of remote locations such as vacation or second homes when you are away. Going on vacation? Keep tabs on your home while you are away to ensure all is well.

90 Second Setup - Really

Use or iPhone or Android Mobile App to join Sensor MoJo to your WiFi in 90 seconds. Assuming you type your password correctly the first time, that is. A Bluetooth connection between your phone and Sensor MoJo makes this fast setup possible.

Protect wine and other valuable items

Monitor sensitive and valuable items such as wine to make sure they are being stored correctly. Alarm immediately if conditions which could cause damage occur.

Monitor Food Service Walk-In Cooler

Monitor your inventory or finished goods stored in your walk in cooler or freezer at a restaurant, bakery or coffee shop. Be notified immediately if the cooler stops working so that product doesn’t spoil.