SensorMoJo One

SensorMoJo One


WiFi Connected Sensor sensing Temperature, Humidity, Vibration and Orientation. Minute-by-minute sampling, up to 1.5 year battery life, immediate text or email alarms. Can store data if not connected for up to 1.5 years. 30 day no questions asked return policy for full refund.


Product Description

SensorMoJo One – Wifi Temperature, Humidity, Vibration and Orientation Sensor

  • Temperature, Humidity, Vibration and Orientation Sensor.
  • iPhone and Android App.
  • Sample Rate: one minute.
  • 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection to cloud.
  • Variable report rate: 15 Minutes – 2 Hours.
  • Alarms methods: text or email.
  • Alarm resolution: One minute, regardless of report rate.
  • “Data Locker” data storage for when no Wi-Fi is available.
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries.
  • Battery lifetime: 3 months – 1.5 years.
  • No recurring charges for basic operation, including 90 day data storage.

The SensorMoJo One integrates multiple sensors into one Wi-Fi connected battery powered environmental sensor. Temperature, Humidity, Vibration and Orientation are all sampled every minute and then reported to the cloud at a rate you choose.

After joining SensorMoJo One to your Wi-Fi network using the iPhone or Android App, you monitor data via the App, or via the web. Set alarms on all sensors so that if they go over or under thresholds you choose, you’ll receive text or email alerts so you know immediately.

Alarms all happen immediately on a minute-to-minute basis. Even if you set the report rate to 2 hours to extend battery life, if a sensor goes out of bounds, SensorMoJo will connect to WiFi immediately and alert you without delay.

You can use SensorMoJo to monitor many things:

  • Your home or office while you are there or away.
  • A vacation or second home for peace of mind when you are not there.
  • Your wine cellar to make sure it stays at the optimal temperature and humidity.
  • A walk-in cooler or freezer in a Restaurant, Bakery, Coffee Shop, etc.
  • Your sump pump in your basement to be alerted if it turns on (via the vibration sensor).
  • Equipment in Food Preparation, Brewery’s, Coffee Roasteries, etc.
  • Sensitive packages during transport with onboard data storage.
  • Food crops during transport with onboard data storage (ie, coffee in its travel from origin, etc).
  • Your Garage Door with the orientation sensor, and get a text if it is left open! (see blog post).
  • Tell if the power has come back at a remote location in storms or emergencies (see blog post).